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Excellent for closing bottles of champagne and sparkling wines of all kinds, drinks stay fresh longer.

Your sparkling wine remains fresh and full of bubbles for long time after opening it.

žena na židli

CLOSING BOTTLES - we close an unfinished bottle with a special stopper and secure it with a snap spring around the neck of the bottle. The stopper should be slightly dampened. The stopper itself is made of materials approved for contact with food that are inert in the sense that they have no flavor and in no way affect the quality of the wine (taste, smell, etc.).

CARBONATION – HN1013 gas is used for carbonation and is designed and approved for this purpose. The carbonation is done through a valve built into the stopper from a handheld tank. Carbonation occurs when the valve is opened. When carbonation is complete, the valve is closed in the tightening position. Achieving carbonation takes no more than two seconds. The goal of “blowing” gas into the bottle is not to create extreme pressure, but just enough so that the air above the surface of the sparkling wine prevents the escape of bubbles from the wine itself.

STORAGE - wine treated in this fashion can be stored. Storing it in the upright position is recommended. Storage times range on the order of hours, days or even several weeks. After this time, the wine can be given a “final blow”.

OPENING THE BOTTLE - opening the bottle before serving: enabling and pressing the built-in valve (angel puff) to relieve overpressure in the bottle first, then tilt the safety spring by 180° and then easily open the bottle.

“We may serve”


The inspiration for developing the product

were requests from gastronomy and catering businesses, which kept asking for the possibility of multiple servings of wine.

Vivacior stopper for champagne/sparkling wine

You do not need anything except a stopper and supply source (pump/generator). You have no maintenance worries. Just occasionally rinse with water. Everything else is just like any other bottle of sparkling wine.

The stopper itself needs no special handling. Only the basic rules of cleanliness and hygiene need to be followed, which of course is obvious for any contact with food products.

Note: The stopper CANNOT be cleaned in the dishwasher!

Seven carefully chosen companies from various fields were involved in this product as subcontractors. The basic material – rubber – was developed in collaboration with experts from the technology laboratories of KOH-I-NOOR. It was then subjected to an assessment by the National Institute of Health, all with positive results. 

Discover simplicity

Watch a video tutorial on how easy it is to use Vivacior stopper for champagne / sparkling wine